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3 Best Practices to Grow Brewery Sales & Bonus Checklist

In this post we’ll explore 3 Best Practices to create your brewery sales plan so that you drive sales growth. And I’ll share a one-page checklist to help you put these ideas to work right away.

3 Best Practices for Brewery Sales Plans

  1. Sales Planning to Drive Revenue
  2. Forecast for Different Market Channels
  3. Use Proven Models to Create your Plan

Best Practice #1: Sales Planning to Drive Revenue

The main goal of your sales plan is to drive revenue. Plain and simple.

To accomplish this goal, the the plan will include action items and specific steps to drive sales through the taproom, self-distribution, and sales to wholesalers.

The sales plan should will forecast sales by brand, by package, by market channel, and by customer.

Best Practice #2: Forecast Sales for Different Market Channels

Forecasting sales through the taproom, self-distribution, and to wholesalers requires different planning techniques, as each market channel has a different sales drivers. 

Treat each market channel as a separate business and create a separate sales plan for each.

Best Practice #3: Use a Sales Plan Templates to Create your Plan

Don’t re-invent the wheel. Use existing models for your sales plan.

I’ve built proven, effective and profitable sales plan models for you, and they are available in the Craft Brewery Sales Growth Course.

The course includes sales forecasting tools and templates to drive revenue, along with step-by-step video instructions to build your plan.

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Use this One-Page Sales Growth Checklist

I love checklists, and maybe you do, too. Use this one-pager as a starting point in your sales planning process.

Wrap Up + Action Items

Use the best practices listed above, and try out the one-page sales growth checklist to get started on your sales plan.

Check out the Craft Brewery Sales Growth Course for more videos, and models to help you build your sales plan.

Yours in Brewery Sales,


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