Today on the podcast I’m joined by Jack Kessler and Steven Welborn from Ohanafy – the only brewery and wholesaler software platform built on SalesForce.

If you’re interested in growing beer sales (and learning about the financial aspects of the beer business) this podcast is for you.

Key Topics

  • Why it’s crucial for beer producers to understand the financial intricacies of their business in today’s competitive market
  • Insights on how understanding financial metrics can directly impact the cash flow and profitability of a beer businesses
  • The role of technology in optimizing revenue and finances within the beer industry
  • Common financial challenges that beer distributors face, and how can they navigate through them effectively
  • How technology influences the operational efficiency and financial performance of breweries and distributors
  • Advice to aspiring breweries and beer distributors who aim to enhance their understanding of the financial aspects of running a successful business


  • Learn more about Ohanafy, or schedule a Demo
  • Join the network of brewery financial professionals – the Beer Business Finance Association



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