Use This Simple Tracker for Measuring KPIs

Many key metrics are measured on a per BBL basis.

  • Revenue / BBL
  • Labor hours / BBL brewed
  • Margin / BBL
  • Etc.

In order to calculate these key metrics, it’s useful to have a simple tool to keep track of barrels brewed, packaged, and sold.

This tracker is then used to compute your KPIs.

For example, take total beer sales in dollars for January and divide by total BBLs sold in January.

Pretty simple. Especially if you have the BBL tracker and your P&L.

You can also look at this Revenue / BBL ratio by different sales channel: wholesale, self-distribution, taproom.

Further, you can break down the ratio within each sales channel: wholesale kegs, wholesale package, etc.

Once you have the BBL tracker and the numbers at your finger tips, the ratios practically calculate themselves.

Do this next…

  1. Watch the short explainer video below
  2. Download the simple tracker for measuring BBLs brewed, packaged and sold
  3. Check out the Beer Business Finance association, a network of brewery owners and managers who talk about key metrics all the time!



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