Brewery Cost Cutting: Financial Round Table Recap

Last week we held our brewery financial round table meeting, with a focus on cost cutting.

We had a great discussion and sharing of ideas on how and where to cut costs to improve financial results.

Summary of key points:

  • Use this 1-2-3-4 step process to put a laser focus on cost cutting and reduction
  • Share the Brewery Financial Training Program with your managers and staff – train them in the ways of identifying and reducing (or eliminating) bloated costs
  • Key challenges we discussed: Controlling costs related to production and materials, freight and shipping, finding efficiencies, avoiding cost surprises, improving culture and communication
  • 78 Ideas to cut costs and improve financial results – Double Your Profits in 6 Months, by Bob Fifer
  • Dan Klasen from the Beverage Federation shared details on the group purchasing organization (GPO) to help you save a ‘craft load’ of money

Join the membership today and get instant access to the brewery financial round table replay, presentation deck, and brewery cost cutting resources.

Yours in brewery financial training,


P.S. Book a 15-minute time on my calendar to learn more about how membership in the Beer Business Finance Association can transform financial results in your brewery.



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