Brewing beer is one thing, making money is another.

Finance is the science of creating money. And that’s what this site is all about: showing you how to make more money in your craft brewery business.

My Courses Cover

  • Tracking, measuring, controlling costs.
  • Product margin analysis and how to get a better understanding of product costs.
  • Managing inventory.
  • Managing the distributor relationship.
  • Understanding distributor contracts.
  • Options to self-distribute, and related costs.
  • Growth strategies and costs to do so, specifically financing
    options, and how this all works.

Craft Brewery Financial Training is for engaged and hungry people, who want to learn more about how their business works.
It’s for people who are eager to understand how to apply simple financial strategies and tactics to improve results in their brewery.

Our subscribers and clients implement the financial ideas, they experiment, and they improve the results in their business.
They gain deeper insights and visibility into what works and doesn’t work financially in their business. Moreover, they gain and understanding of the cause and effect of profitability, cash flows and value creation.

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Hi, I’m Kary

After 20 years using finance to help improve financial results in my beer businesses, I’m helping other breweries increase profits and achieve financial stability.

My name is Kary Shumway. I’m a CPA, former CFO for a beer distributor, and current CFO for Wormtown Brewery in Worcester, MA.

If you are like me, you spent your formative years under the impression that sales would drive profits and profits would pay the bills. Kary’s information is the cliff notes version of an MBA in financial management I wish I had 20 years ago.

David Fields, Former President

Consolidated Beverages

Am I properly managing keg inventory? How do I build a safety program? How do I manage cash flow? Just ask Kary Shumway. He has an answer and also a real gift for simplifying the beer business with solutions you can easily put into action.

Keith Gribbins, Editor

Craft Brewing Business

Craft Brewery Finance is one of my go-to resources for substantive advice. Across a broad range of fields – not only finance but sales, marketing, planning, and strategy – Kary provides a steady stream of thoughtful and concise guidance to help us navigate the complexities of the beer industry.

Rob Lightner

East Brother Brewing Company