craft brewery financial training

In this webinar replay, you’ll learn how to use a cool forecasting tool to reduce out of stocks and increase beer sales.

Brewery owners are always on the lookout for ways to grow sales. The usual sales growth ideas include: Expanding the portfolio, entering new markets, increasing prices, and adding new talent to the sales team.

However, one easy way to grow your sales is to reduce out of stocks.

Key topics in the video:

  • How to use scorecards to measure, monitor and improve out of stocks
  • Tips to calculate the true cost of out of stocks (lost sales) to your brewery
  • Demo overview of the Craft Portal, and how this tool can reduce out of stocks and increase profits for your beer business


Watch the video: How to Reduce Out of Stocks in your brewery.

P.S. Are you looking for brewery key metrics, benchmarks and tracking tools? The Ultimate Guide to Brewery Key Metrics is here for you. It’s included with your subscription to Craft Brewery Financial Training.


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