Tools to Improve Brewery Cash Flow Management

“Never take your eyes off the cash flow, because it’s the life blood of business.” -Richard Branson

Cash flow is the money that flows into and out of your business. It represents the money you collect from sales and the money you pay out to vendors and suppliers.

You know cash is flowing in and out of the business all the time, but understanding how it works and predicting what it will be can seem difficult or impossible.

To simplify matters we’ve put together the Crash Course in Brewery Cash Flow Management. We walk through each of the drivers of cash flow, so that you can measure, monitor and improve cash in your brewery business.

For an overview of the course, check out the short video below.

The course includes videos, guides and templates to help you manage and improve your brewery cash flow.

What’s Covered in the Course:

  • Cash Flow Basics
    • Accrual accounting, Net Income vs Cash Flow
  • Cash Flow for Start-ups
    • Key considerations, Sources/Uses
  • Cash Flow in Growth Stage
    • Growth consumes cash, Opex and Capex planning
  • Five Drivers of Brewery Cash Flow: How to Manage
    • Beyond the P&L, key balance sheet accounts to monitor
  • Spreadsheet Templates to Measure each Cash Driver

Ready to improve cash flow in your brewery business?

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