The Craft Brewery Financial Training podcast has hit a very cool milestone: 50,000 downloads!

Thank you to our loyal listeners for supporting the show. Who knew there were so many folks out there who love beer and spreadsheets as much as I do!

In the weeks, months and years ahead we’ll continue to share conversations, insights and analysis from the coolest people in the beer industry.

Do you know someone who should be featured on the podcast? Drop me a line and let me know,  

For now, here are the TOP THREE Craft Brewery Financial Training Podcasts of ALL TIME:

#1 Brewery Financing Basics

Financing your brewery can get complicated fast. In this post and podcast we’ll simplify the financing process so that you can get the best debt structure for your brewery…

#2 Top Reasons Why Customers Come Back to Your Taproom

Michael Varda shares tips and tactics from his consumer intelligence research: What makes customers drink what they drink?  What decisions drive where they go? And how can you can use this data to make intelligent business decisions for your brewery?

#3 The Brew Kit: A Guide to Starting, Owning, and Operating a Craft Brewery

Jim Keenan walks us through the process of how and when to file for a trademark. John Moran takes us through the Brew Kit – the checklists, deadlines and summary of key considerations for starting, running and owning a craft brewery.




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