The Brew Kit: A Guide to Starting, Owning and Operating a Craft Brewery

Jim Keenan is an intellectual property guru who helps breweries protect their most valuable business assets: their brands. John Moran specializes in federal and state licensing and compliance and is the author of an essential resource for breweries: The Brew Kit.

In today’s podcast, we hear from these two attorneys who specialize in issues that are critically important to craft brewery owners and managers.

Jim walks us through the process of how and when to file for a trademark. John takes us through the Brew Kit – the checklists, deadlines and summary of key considerations for starting, running and owning a craft brewery.

Brew Kit for Massachusetts
Brew Kit for Maine
Brew Kit for New Hampshire
Bio, contact info and details for Jim Keenan and John Moran
Music Licensing Kit: What you need to know