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Webinar: Is Open Book Management right for your brewery?

Join me this Friday at 1pm EST for a live webinar on open book management for craft breweries.

Open book management is a great way to engage and empower employees…and there’s lots to consider to do it right.

In this webinar we’ll look at the pro’s and cons of open book management, key questions to ask, and I’ll share my own lessons learned with OBM.

Register for the webinar – replays will be available!

Topics we’ll cover:

  • What OBM is…and What it isn’t
    • It’s a system…it’s not a fix-all
  • Why you might consider Open Book Management
    • Key questions to ask before you dive in
  • How to determine if it’s right for your brewery
    • Clarify your why, and get feedback and buy-in from owners, managers and employees
  • What you get from Open Book Management…and What you give
    • There is no free lunch…this thing takes work
  • Required Reading
    • 3 books to add to your bookshelf

Register for the webinar – replays will be available! 

See you there!