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The beer business is a highly regulated industry, with lots of rules to follow. 

In addition to federal and state licensing requirements, breweries need to deal with a myriad of legal issues: distribution contracts, trademarks and intellectual property, and personnel matters, to name a few.

Having a good beer lawyer on your side can make a big difference.

In this post, you’ll find contact information for lawyers that can help. These folks know the law and they know the beer business.

John Moran and Jim Keenan, Bernstein Shur 

Jim Keenan is an intellectual property guru who helps breweries protect their most valuable business assets: their brands. John Moran specializes in federal and state licensing and compliance and is the author of an essential resource for breweries: The Brew Kit.

Bio, contact info and details for Jim Keenan and John Moran

Trevor Brewer, BrewerLong 

Trevor’s areas of practice: alcohol beverage regulation, beverage licensing, and distribution agreements.

Bio, contact info and details for  Trevor Brewer

John Szymankiewicz, Beer Law Center

John has written the book on beer law which is a helpful resource for brewery owners. He covers topics ranging from federal licensing to labeling to buying and selling your business.

Bio, contact info and details for John S.

Wrap Up + Action Items

Don’t walk the brewery legal path alone. Find an expert to guide you along the way. Your intellectual property, distribution contracts and brewery licensing will be better for it.




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