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Use Brewery Sales Data to Uncover Opportunities in the Market

Jon Reynolds from BrewPlan is a 40 year beer industry veteran. Jon works with breweries on new brand launches, setting up distribution networks, working with wholesalers and performing brewery analysis and feasibility studies (think of this like a business plan on steroids).

Jon subscribes to 30 industry publications, so he is well-read on current events (and past events) that are shaping the beer business.

In today’s conversation, we cover a lot of ground on a number of topics that are useful and profitable for craft brewery owners and managers:

  • How to use data to uncover opportunities in the market.
  • How to strengthen wholesaler relationships.
  • How innovation is the key to the future of craft brewery sales growth.

Jon’s #1 tip on wholesaler relationships: You earn it when you make sales calls in their market. You’ll get their support right away.

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