When it comes to key performance indicators (KPIs) one-size does not fit all.

In your brewery business you have multiple departments: brewing, packaging, taproom, admin, sales, etc.

So it only makes sense to give each department manager their own KPI to monitor, manage and improve.

In this post and short video, we’ll walk through the steps to create KPIs for each department, and give you a KPI Scorecard to get started.

Common KPIs by Department

  • Brewing – yield %
  • Packaging – labor hours per BBL
  • Inventory – Days on hand
  • Taproom – average ring per customer
  • Admin – A/R collections
  • Sales – revenue growth %
  • Marketing – website visits, follows, subscribers

Do This Next

  1. Download this KPI by Department scorecard and watch the video below
  2. Check out the Beer Business Finance Association where we talk about KPIs all the time!



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