Cost increases are coming from everywhere these days. 

In today’s post and short video, we’ll focus on 5 Best Practices you can use to control and reduce costs in your brewery.

Use These 5 Best Practices to Control Brewery Costs

  1. Create a Financial Road Map
    • Be purposeful with spending – you gotta have a plan.
  2. Adopt a Zero Based Budget Mindset
    • Costs must justify themselves – too often, we work to justify reducing the cost. Do the opposite.
  3. Review Vendor/Supplier Spending
    • Run a report of L12 month spending. Sort $ high to low. Use this as a checklist of opportunities to reduce expenses.
  4. Use Purchase Orders
    • PO’s make it hard to spend money without first justifying the cost. Use them.
  5. Set Regular Financial Reviews
    • Monthly variance analysis, trend review, and ratio calculations are essential to controlling costs.

Watch the 3 minute cost control video for your beer business:



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