7 Ways to Increase Taproom Revenue

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Below is an excerpt of what you’ll find in the first course module: 7 Ways to Increase Taproom Revenue.

#1 Teach your taproom staff how to sell…really sell

No doubt you have a well-trained taproom staff to serve your customers. The staff can tell the story of your brewery and your brand, and recite the ingredients and flavors of each of your beers.

But have you taught them how to sell? How to REALLY sell?

One simple technique to increase taproom sales is to train your staff to ask for the sale. If the customer orders a beer and enjoys it, train your staff to tell them about the new packaged beer to go, a growler fill, or a stylish t-shirt from the merchandise area.

Product knowledge is a key component of basic selling skills. But using active selling skills and upselling the customer are effective ways to increase taproom revenue.

#2 Ask One Question of your Taproom Manager Every Single Day.

Ideas and strategies to increase taproom sales are a good start, but they are much more likely to work if you ask a simple question every day of your taproom manager.

What will you do today to increase taproom sales?

And then ask a variation of the question at the end of the day.

What did you do today to increase taproom sales?

If increasing taproom sales is important to you, it will be important to your manager. Give them the ideas, tools and freedom to execute. Then ask the question. Every day.

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