In this episode, I talk with retail beer sales expert Bump Williams. Bump is very connected in the beer industry – he knows everyone, and everyone knows him. He combines the knowledge he gains from his beer network with retail sales data to provide useful insights that brewery owners can use to grow sales, especially during this pandemic.

We talk about a wide range of topics: What’s going on at retail – sales trends, pack sizes and pricing. Best practices for beer recalls due to out of code…and tips for how craft breweries can compete with bigger breweries…even if smaller crafts can’t produce larger package sizes.

Here’s a sampling of the questions we dig into on the podcast:

  • How should suppliers be supporting their off-premise customers during this time?
  • What can craft suppliers do to compete with the larger packs when they don’t have the flexibility to create new package sizes?
  • What’s the outlook for retail on-premise sales post COVID-19 restrictions?
  • What is the best policy regarding beer recalls due to out of code beer in the marketplace?

Listen to the full episode below…





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