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I received this kind note from a brewery owner who completed my Brewery Business Plan course:

“Thanks to you, we’re learning the business side of brewing and are getting closer to realizing our dream.” -Jennifer Lower, Owner of Simplified Brewing

It was an honor to help Jennifer with her plan so that she was able to take the next step in realizing her dream of opening and operating a brewery.

If you need help with your plan, the Brewery Business Plan course might be right for you.

Why you might need a business plan for your brewery:

  • Banks require them…
    • If you need a loan for start-up, expansion, or new equipment
  • Investors won’t talk to you without one…
    • If you’re looking to raise money for your brewery, investors will need to see a business plan to understand how they’ll get a return on investment
  • Board of directors needs one…
    • To clarify the business strategy, mission, vision and corporate governance
  • Internal planning purposes…
    • To clearly communicate the goals and objectives of the business so that everyone on your team is on the same page

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