In a perfect world, to price your beer you would determine the costs, add a healthy markup, and sell it to your distributor (or retailer) at a fat profit. Unfortunately, the market forces and your competitors have some influence here.

So, how do you price your beer?

Maybe you just looked at what everyone else was charging and followed suit. Maybe you took a wild guess and hoped it would all work out in the end. Maybe you just went along with what your beer distributor suggested that you charge.

Regardless of how you did it, in this video we’re going to talk about how you should do it. We’ll put real numbers out there and provide a template you can use to make pricing easy. 

What’s covered in the video How to Price Your Beer :

  • Pricing Terms: PTC, PTR, PTD…without the PTSD
  • How Pricing Works in the Real World – Gross Profit needed at each level
  • Use the Pricing Model – Plug n’ play Pricing for your Beer

The video is an excerpt from the Start Up Brewery Course. The full course is available for annual subscribers in the Member Area. Not an annual subscriber? Well sign up then and get access to the full course videos, guides and templates…

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