Cloud based Point-of-Sale Software allows you to complete credit and cash transactions, run reports to help analyze sales, and monitor inventory.

The goal of the POS system is to record taproom sales and collect the cash. But today’s POS systems can do so much more. 

Benefits of a good POS system

  • Manage and control business expenses, including employee productivity and inventory
  • Track results and performance for specific aspects of the business
  • Determine what sells best and then refine offerings accordingly
  • Engage customers and prospects with loyalty rewards and promotional offers
  • Analyze sales data, figure out how well all the items on your shelves sell, and adjust purchasing levels accordingly
  • Maintain a sales history to help adjust your buying decisions / purchasing
  • Improve pricing / customer order accuracy by using bar-code scanners with the POS system

Use this list to evaluate how well you are using your POS software to grow your business. 

For example, are you engaging customers with loyalty rewards and promotional offers via email, text or social media? 

Are you analyzing your sales data to determine what sells best and refine your offerings? 

The POS software isn’t just for recording taproom sales and collecting cash, it can also be used as a tool to grow your business. 

Yours in Taproom POS software,


P.S. Check out this listing of POS systems that are currently on the market. This resource provides a comparison of system features and benefits so that you can choose the POS software that’s best for your brewery.




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