Short Course: How to Finance your Craft Brewery

The Short Course on How to Finance your Craft Brewery goes live at the end of the month.

Topics covered:

  1. Brewery Financing Basics: Loan Terms, Loan Types, Typical Loan Structures
  2. Working with Lenders: How they evaluate breweries, What they need from you, How to make the most of the relationship
  3. Loan Covenants + Calculations: Debt Service, Leverage…add how to add these to your financial reporting
  4. Loan schedule spreadsheet: How to Map out what you owe, monthly obligations
  5. Private Money, Investors, Outside capital: Friendly debt, What’s it worth…
  6. Start-Up, Growth, Mature Breweries: Effect of Debt on Brewery Financials

For a sneak peak of the Short Course content, watch the 3-minute video below…

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