craft brewery financial training

In today’s podcast you’ll hear the audio version of our webinar with Kegshoe on Managing Your Keg Fleet: The Hidden Costs and Opportunities.

The old saying goes that “kegs have legs”, and they tend to go missing. On average breweries lose 5-10% of their kegs each year, which can add up to a lot of dollars.

However, breweries using Kegshoe lose only 1% of their kegs each year – a substantial improvement, and substantial savings for your bottom line.

It is super important to have a good system to track and manage your keg fleet to safeguard this important asset and avoid expensive keg losses, and Kegshoe might just be your solution.

Key Topics

  • Keg lease vs buy basics
  • Why brewery owners care about tracking kegs
  • Tactics and tools to forecast keg needs
  • Tools to track, monitor and mange your keg fleet





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