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Financial Model for Self-Distribution

A financial pro forma is a plan presented in numbers. This short post will outline the steps necessary to create your own self-distribution pro forma for your beer business.

To begin, download the Detailed Financial Model here..  

The steps outlined below require that you (or someone you know) is familiar with how to use Excel or another spreadsheet program.  I suppose you could use pen, paper and a calculator but that would be a painful process. John Henry lost to the steam engine, and Excel will kick butt over pen and paper.

Learn to use a spreadsheet or trade beer to someone who can do it for you.

When putting together a plan, I’ve found it helpful to include not only the numbers – income, expense, and cash flows – but the story behind the numbers.  Many people glaze over at the sight of a spreadsheet with lots of numbers. If you want your plan to be read and understood, consider including narrations throughout your work. Not only will this be more approachable for those reading the plan, it will help explain the strategy and vision.

Four Steps to Create a Self-Distribution pro forma:

  1. Sales forecast
  2. Gross Profit forecast
  3. Operating Expense plan
  4. Other cash requirements

Take a crack at filling out the detailed financial model on your own. For step by step instructions, Members can Log In to the Online Courses menu area to access the full Self-Distribution Course.