5 Brewery Spreadsheets for the Holidays

Some folks celebrate the Holidays with fruit cake, but at Craft Brewery Financial Training we celebrate with spreadsheets.

Below are 5 Holiday Spreadsheet Tools for your Brewery:

  • Sales Forecast Tool. Use this tool to quickly project sales during the month and compare to your plan.
  • BBL to CE Sales Conversion Tool This spreadsheet easily converts Brewer Barrels to Case Equivalents. Use this tool to speak the language of the beer wholesaler so that you can grow sales.
  • Taproom Sales Calculator. How much $ can you make selling beer through your taproom? Lots. Use this Cool Tool to do the math and add up those $$$’s!
  • Beer Production Calculator. Use this tool to quickly calculate how much beer you can package from each BBL you brew. Put away the calculator and the abacus. This tool will make your production and planning meetings a whole lot easier.
  • Simple Cash Flow Tool. Use this to quickly estimate brewery cash flow.

Want more sweet spreadsheets, templates and unlimited access to the Craft Brewery Financial Training vault?

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Have a happy and safe Holiday Season. Go ahead and celebrate with fruit cake AND these spreadsheet tools for your brewery.

Happy Holidays!