In today’s podcast we present Best Practices to manage your empty keg inventory.

It’s 8am, do you know where your kegs are? Unless you have a good system in place to monitor them, your kegs could be anywhere.

Empty kegs have a tendency to grow legs and disappear. In my experience as CFO for a beer distributor, I can’t tell you how many times the inventory records showed one thing, and the physical count of empties showed another. There were always missing kegs.

How many kegs do you own in your brewery? I’m talking about empties and full barrels – barrels that you bought and paid for. If you keep computerized records, the inventory report may tell you there are 1,000 kegs on hand. The big question is: how many do you really have?

In this podcast, we raise the issue of how much cash is tied up in kegs, and how much money you stand to lose if you don’t have a good system to manage this part of your inventory.

We’ll talk about several ideas you can use in your brewery to gain better control over your kegs. The ideas could also save your income statement from certain death in the form of a big write off of missing kegs.

Best Practices to Manage Keg Inventory

  • Preach the gospel: empties are Inventory
  • Pay attention: Understand where empties get lost
  • Use this process to keep track of kegs in your warehouse
  • Use this process to keep track of kegs at retail



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