Brewery Cash flow statement mind map, business concept

Key Drivers of Brewery Cash Flow

In today’s podcast, you’ll hear a replay of the live Q&A session from the Brewery Financial Training Program.

In this episode we cover brewery cash flow management:

  • Best practices

  • key drivers of cash flow

  • and scorecards to track

  • measure and improve you cash position.

    The Brewery Financial Training Program is for craft brewery owners, managers and staff who need practical financial training to improve cash flow and profitability.

The Course includes 40+ lessons delivered across 6 modules, with a total of 8 hours of instruction, 6 graded quizzes and a final exam. Watch a short video to learn more.

Key topics covered:

  • Cash Flow Management Best Practices
  • Drivers of brewery cash flow
  • Scorecards to track and measure key cash flow metrics
  • 3-step system to improve brewery cash flow

Listen to the Podcast: