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Favorite Craft Brewery Financial Tools

Today we talk about two of my favorite brewery financial tools. These are useful in calculating various aspects of our brewery business: The Beer Case Equivalent Calculator and The Taproom Sales Calculator.

The Beer Case Equivalent tool can be used to quickly convert your different package sizes to Case Equivalents, otherwise known as CE’s.  What’s a CE?  It’s a unit of measure that equals 24 12oz servings. The CE is a standard unit of measure for the beer wholesaler.

The Taproom Sales Calculator can be used to determine how much revenue can be generated with each barrel of beer.  A common metric is Revenue per BBL. This spreadsheet helps you break down and estimate the different ways you can sell the beer – 16oz drafts, 12oz drafts, 10oz drafts, flights, growlers, etc.

Beer Case Equivalent Calculator
Taproom Sales Calculator