craft brewery professional working at their computer using brewery softwareThe ERP system is the brains behind brewery operation. Actually, the brew master is the brains, the ERP system just helps to keep track of everything.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. The management information system pulls together and integrates brewery planning, purchasing, inventory, sales, marketing, finance and human resources.

Why Do You Need This?  Technically you don’t. You could just use spreadsheets for planning and production and Quickbooks for your financials.

This can work fine for smaller breweries, but once you reach a certain size or want better information reporting you’ll need to step it up to an ERP system.

How Do You Choose the Right ERP Software?  Start with a review of the ERP Software Run-Down.  Download the PDF here.

There’s lots to consider with an ERP system. In future posts we’ll dig into more details. For now, check out the ERP Run-Down for a look at the ERP options out there.


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