Brand Distribution Rights Valuation Tool

In this post, we’ll cover the math behind brand distribution rights, so that you can increase the value of this asset for your brewery.

We’ll also cover an example of a brand sale, and review the one rule you must follow to maintain and increase the value of your brand distribution rights.

Read on for details, or simply download the Valuation Spreadsheet here.

Gross Profit Dollars x GP Multiplier = Value of Brand Distribution Rights

The amount of the Gross Profit Multiplier varies greatly, and is depends on a lot of factors: current and future brand growth, points of distribution, potential competitive buyers, among other things.

In my experience, I have seen Gross Profit Multiples range from a low of 2x GP to a high of 10x or above.

Let’s look at an example:

Craft Brewery X self-distributes 10,000 cases of its beer. Those sales produce total distribution gross profit for the brewery of $100,000.

Based on market conditions, the value of the distribution rights is between 5x and 7x of gross profit.

$100,000 Gross Profit Dollars x 5x GP Multiplier = $500,000

$100,000 Gross Profit Dollars x 7x GP Multiplier = $700,000

You can see how the value of the brand distribution rights can add up fast. Further, and most importantly, the value measurement isn’t on net profit, it is on gross profit. Therefore, you can break-even, or lose some money on self-distribution and still drive the value of your brand distribution rights through the roof.

The value of anything is entirely dependent on what someone else is willing to pay for it. This holds true for the value of your brand distribution rights as well. So, while this gross profit multiplier method is a common way that brands change hands among distributors, you’ll still need a willing buyer to pony up the purchase price.

Pull out your calculator and run some numbers on your sales. Do you self-distribute and generate $100k in GP? Will a distributor pay you 5x-7x multiple to take over the distribution rights?

What are YOUR brands worth? How much could YOUR brands be worth if you increased your self-distribution sales? Do the math. It could be a very large number.

Want to sell your distro rights? Follow this Rule

You must keep good records. This is a simple rule, but it is all important. Good information equals a higher value for your distribution rights and ultimately a higher sales price.

What kind of records should you keep?

Any buyer of brand distribution rights is going to want to see sales information, gross profit reports and customer lists.

A buyer will look for sales volume in dollars, cases (units) and case equivalents (24 12oz equivalent packages). They will need to see gross profit reports showing the information by brand, package and customer.

In some cases, the buyer may want to see trend reports – year over year growth by account or by brand. In short, the buyer will need a lot of good information in order to fork over premium dollars for your brand distribution rights.

Make sure you get it right. If you don’t have a good system to track this information, get one.

Gross profit will drive value. Track your gross profit now. Everyone looks at sales, but not everyone looks at gross profit. Be unique, be different, be smart: Set up gross profit reports and run them early and often.

Remember, every dollar of gross profit may return you 4x, 6x, 8x or more. A small investment in time, resources and better software will pay off big time when you decide to sell your brand distribution rights.

Wrap up + What this all means for your craft brewery

Brand distribution rights have tremendous value. Franchise laws, exclusivity and recurring revenue combine to create this valuable asset. If you self-distribute, this asset could be yours.

Before you sign away your distribution rights to a distributor, ask yourself a question: What are your brand rights really worth?

Get out the calculator and do the Beautiful Math behind Gross Profit. You may be surprised at how big the number could be.