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These Best Of 2020 posts focus on brewery Metrics, Benchmarks, and Key Performance Indicators.

Use these ideas to build incentive compensation plans for your employees, set goals for increased performance, or benchmark against past brewery financial results.

How to Reward Brewery Employees using KPIs

KPI’s are used to quantify brewery results. Examples include brewing and packaging labor hours per barrel, beer loss during production, and inventory physical count accuracy. The best part about using KPI’s to reward employees is that KPI’s connect the actions of the employee to the results of the brewery. Moreover, KPI’s show employees how to make a real difference in the financial and operational results of the business.

3 Key Taproom Metrics

A Metric is a quantifiable measure used to track and assess the status of a business process. More simply, a key metric is a number you should look at every day. It’s a number or numbers that will make a real difference in the financial or operational results of your taproom.

In the year ahead, use these KPI’s and Key Metrics to improve financial results in your brewery.

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