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Beer Distribution 101

The two main ways to get your beer to market are to self-distribute or partner with a beer wholesaler.

There are pros and cons to each option, and lots to consider as you evaluate each choice.

To help you determine the best path to market for your beer, I’ve put together the Beer Distribution 101 mini-course.

The course is broken into two sections and below is an outline of topics covered in each.

  1. Self-Distribution 101
  2. Partnering with a Beer Wholesaler

Part 1: Self-Distribution 101 

  • Beer distribution basics: State rules, regulations, where to find information
  • How to build your delivery routes
  • Tips to build your financial pro forma
  • Lists of equipment needed and start-up costs for self-distro
  • Succession planning tactics for when it’s time to exit self-distribution

Part 2: Partnering with a Beer Wholesaler

  • Beer distributor basics: Roles and responsibilities, setting expectations
  • Keys to successful brewer-wholesaler business relationships
  • Wholesaler agreement best practices
  • Tactics to evaluate a prospective beer wholesaler partner

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Watch the video overview of the Beer Distribution 101 mini-course