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4 Taproom Scorecards for your Brewery

In this podcast we dig in on Brewery Taproom Metrics. We’ll review four key taproom scorecards that you can use to measure, monitor and improve results in your brewery.

Four specific taproom scorecards we cover:

  1. Sales focused (to grow revenue)
  2. Operational metrics (to improve non-financial performance)
  3. Financial metrics (to watch your financial results)
  4. One Thing Scorecard (to focus on the one most important thing)

Key topics covered in the podcast:

  • How to create four different scorecards for you taproom
  • How to measure with a purpose so that you get the results you want
  • Steps to Identify and measure the most important things for your business

Listen to the podcast and learn how to build taproom scorecards to drive profitable growth in your business.

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