Free stuff to help you save time and money in your brewery.

CBF – Self-Distribution Chart of Accounts  The G/L chart of accounts is the backbone of your financial reporting system. This template is designed for the self-distribution side of the brewery business.  Set up the proper chart of accounts, monitor your financial results, and sit up straight!

CBF – Self-Distribution Route Building Template The Route Building template will help you estimate the total number of drivers needed to support the self-distribution operation. Accounts are grouped by class. Drive time, sell time and service time are estimated. This won’t answer all your questions, but it can be a helpful tool to estimate needed labor.

CBF – Self Distribution Pro Forma Guide  If you want to self-distribute your beer, it helps to make a plan first. This guide will walk you through the steps to create a sales forecast, operating expense projection, and cash flow needs.  Download the guide, and get a plan.

CBF – Basics of a Successful Inventory Count Process  Your inventory management plan will mean the difference between a profitable company and disaster. Get the template, get a plan, avoid disaster.

CBF – Brewery Production Calculator  If there is a heaven, I hope they have spreadsheets there. Use this sweet spreadsheet to calculate how much beer you can package from every barrel you brew. It’s like heaven on earth.

CBF – Self-Funded Health Plan Basics It’s no surprise to you that health insurance and benefits are among the biggest expenses on your income statement. Here’s an idea to cut your health insurance expense in half: Check out the article, and check out a self-funded health plan option.