The taproom is the most profitable part of your business. This course will show you how to boost profits even more. 

In the course modules you’ll learn 7 Ways to Increase Taproom Revenue, How to Set Up your Taproom Financial Reporting, and How to Use Taproom Metrics to Benchmark your Results.

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Check out the 2 minute course overview below:

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 What will you get with this course? 

  1. Presentation videos
  2. Detailed Course Guides and Curriculum
  3. Excel Templates and Models
  4. One-Page Summary of Each Module

Want more details on the Course Contents?  

Contents / Modules

  1. 7 Ways to Increase Taproom Revenue
    • Use these proven and profitable tactics and strategies to increase taproom revenue
    • Gain a competitive advantage and stand out from the crowd with new and innovative ideas
    • Learn how to measure + monitor key metrics to track results. Ideas are interesting. Results are what matter.
  2. How to set up your Taproom financial reporting
    • Step by step instructions to create your chart of accounts, and set up financial reports so that you can track results
    • Examples with plug and play templates that you can use
    • An introduction to Taproom financial controls: controlling cash, beer, merchandise + more
  3. Taproom metrics (and templates to benchmark your results)
    • The One-Page Taproom Scorecard Template to benchmark your performance
    • A review of the top line taproom metrics: Revenue, Expense, EBITDA
    • How to benchmark against industry averages and your past taproom performance
  4. The Best POS system for your Taproom
    • How to boost sales, and improve visibility of financial results by choosing the right Point of Sale (POS) software
    • POS Goal setting – Key questions to determine exactly what you need
    • Snapshot review of the top POS systems
  5. Case studies and Best practices from other Breweries
    • Hear from other breweries who have increased their taproom sales and profits – how they did it, what they learned, what they would do differently
    • The One Thing each brewery taproom did to increase revenue
    • The One Mistake each brewery made and how to avoid it

The taproom is the most profitable part of your business. Take the course, use the ideas and strategies, and boost your taproom profits today. Your income statement and bank account will thank you.

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