Brewery Job Descriptions Guide

Creating job descriptions for your employees and job candidates can be a long and painful process.

What should be included? What format should you use? How can you write the document clearly so the employee understands their role, responsibilities and expectations?

The job description should provide a clear, concise summary of what you need and expect from your employee. This clear, direct communication is critical to both the success of the employee and your brewery.

To save you time and money, we’ve put together the Ultimate Guide to Brewery Job Descriptions. The guide includes pre-written job descriptions for all brewery positions, and step-by-step instructions to customize the job descriptions to fit your brewery culture.

What you’ll get in the Ultimate Guide to Brewery Job Descriptions:

  • Over 60 template job descriptions
  • Summary job postings to speed the hiring process
  • Brewery Job Description Best Practices Guide
  • One page checklist of the most important things to include so that you hire and retain the best talent

Job Descriptions include:

  • Operations manager
  • General manager
  • Head brewer
    Assistant brewer
  • Packaging manager
  • Taproom manager
  • Taproom staff
  • Quality Control manager
  • And many more…

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