Video: Brewery Financing Tools

When should you raise capital for your brewery? Where will you get funding? How will you pay it back.

We answer these questions and more in the Brewery Financing Crash course.

Check out the short video below for an overview of the content:

  • Brewery Financing Basics: Loan Terms, Loan Types, Typical Loan Structures
  • Working with Lenders: How they evaluate breweries, What they need from you, How to make the most of the relationship
  • Loan Covenants + Calculations: Debt Service, Leverage…add these to your financial reporting
  • Loan schedule spreadsheet: Map out what you owe, monthly obligations
  • Private Money, Investors, Outside capital: Friendly debt, What’s it worth…
  • Start-Up, Growth, Mature Breweries: Effect of Debt on Brewery Financials


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