Self-Distribution Cash Flow Tools

Self-distributing your own beer can be a great way to learn about the retail market, train your people, and maintain 100% focus on your brand.

Self-distribution can also create financial rewards in the form of increased margin dollars and profits for your brewery.

There are many positives to self-distribution, but also many pitfalls to watch out for. One such pitfall is cash flow. Self-distribution sucks up a lot of cash and often in areas you wouldn’t expect.

To help you plan cash flows – and avoid the pitfalls – we’ve put together a new online course for self-distributing breweries. You can check that out in the Craft Brewery Financial Training Shop.  (As always, annual subscribers get unlimited access to all the courses, guides and premium resources).

Below is a short video sample of what’s included in the course. This video is an overview of the Cash Flow planning tools and templates for self-distributing breweries.

Now, get out there and plan your cash flows, build your brands and self-distribute your beer profitably.